Idle Reduction Technology

Idle-ReductionWe are proud to present the latest in idle reduction technology: A fully integrated system designed by our in-staff electrical and mechanical engineers, with the armored car operator’s business rules, security procedures, and safety in mind.

The Griffin Idle Reduction System provides any armored car company with the ultimate solution to reduce operating and energy costs.

In case studies, the Griffin Idle Reduction System has demonstrated to save more than $3,000 or more per truck per year, depending on what type of truck it is installed on. Taking into consideration fuel savings, reduction of preventive maintenance schedules, reduction in engine wear, and extending the warranty life of the chassis, the return on one’s investment could be as little as two years or less (depending on daily routes). The main focus of the Griffin “Patent-Pending” Idle Reduction system is to provide operators with a tool that will allow them to become more profitable in such a challenging economy. We are excited about having the technology and ingenuity to offer this type of system to the cash-in-transit industry.

no idle technologyWith the use of Griffin-developed software, specific hardware components, engineered, automotive-grade controllers and multiplexed systems, and the ability to seamlessly integrate our system with virtually any chassis, the Griffin Idle Reduction System provides a tool capable of significantly reducing daily operating expenses associated with fuel and maintenance, and at the same time, increases the overall life of the vehicle’s engine.


Find the Griffin Idle Reduction Technology in These Trucks: